Singing over bones

I really do not know why I am writing this, for who; and whether it even will serve another. I just want to put it “out there”

Maybe to give someone space to heal. I do feel you need to be in a physical presence for that. Rather to clear the way a bit for someone “out there” on their personal healing route. That no matter how any other try to understand; it is never possible to completely grasp how profound the journey is and how unique to every single individual.

You can never help someone to heal. Never. You, and each and everyone out there, has to take this journey on alone, being just to redefine old outdated beliefs, finding your Authentic Self, or Heal from personal traumatic experiences

I really thought I had this in the bag, until a friend handed me the much talked over book ” Women who run with wolves”

Please don’t stop reading.

I was super excited, as this is seen as the Bible for Women. Taking her on a journey, rewilding herself.

I had to read the first chapter twice. I was shaken in; and up to the very core of my soul. I, unknowingly to what I am doing, went into the desert of my psyche some time ago already. Walking. Picking up the bones. I walked and walked. Stumbled so many times. Nearly given up even more times. Many more times I thought that some of the bones are missing for ever.

I walked some more. I can even say I felt the burn of the sun. I blistered my soles. My lips cracked. I finally had them all. And made the journey back to the cave.

I remember laying them out (I only realise now) to form a perfect skeleton. I remember starting to sing. Singing over my bones, the song I chose…..

And this is where my experience changed.

I never (then) saw what happened. I just knew I have taken a major step on my Healing Path. And that I feel authentic. Many times calling myself a queen. And that is what we as girls are in any case.

Throughout time- reading, exploring schools of thought, pondering about opinions – I often wondered now which Spirit Animal am I ?? Just couldn’t resonate completely with any. Just never could find the comfortable cosy “fit”. So connecting with The Wolf and the “Wild” in this book, made me question myself again.

On came Chapter 2.

The story of Blue Beard. Actually remember reading it somewhere as a teen. And an interesting opinion then about it too…

I felt emotions of Fear and Anger between the lines. Please don’t stop reading…

I felt that this book is written for women who want to take their Power back.

From who or what ?? No one can touch the Power of a Woman. No one, but that woman alone, can do anything with it. It is like a Magic Wand. Only effective I the hand of its owner.

You can only hide it from others, which results in being hidden from yourself as well.

The question is, how you going to use that, once you found it again

I am convinced, that if you really going to think about it….. you have a room with a tiny, eager to stain your partner with blood too, key on your bunch, if you haven’t gone and pick up some bones yet; and feeding from your resentment, pain and bitterness of things that went wrong.

Yet again don’t stop reading or crucify me. I know that some things happen to women that leaves her crippled. Not just scarred. Things happen to men too. They also carry baggage. Too heavy to handle with the sparce coping meganisms they were taught: “being men, you fight” and “big boys don’t cry”.

That chaos behind that small door just might be the same pain that we as girls feel. Now we see their beards being blue. Them as the enemy.

I decided to go back to the cave. I need to “see”

And it was profound

I did not see bones connecting, flesh forming, or any animal materialising. I saw the bones changing into crystal dust. Going up into a spiral and I recognised my Higher Self materialising. And I saw a Priestess. All knowing. Ancient Wisdom to be Taught, Altruistic love, with the Power to truly Heal and Forgive.

I realise that this might offend many. This was not written to criticise this acclaimed book, nor condemn women who made this their own. This is not written to turn away from so many crimes and injustice against women. I am a woman too and I have cried bitter tears with many broken women in front of me. This was written to share an experience, facilitated by this book. I salute this book. Helping me take the final steps to wholeness and my true Authentic Self

Now for Chapter 3……

And maybe a re-read of Chapter 2……

Love and Light



Channeling Archangel Uriel

Channelling Archangel Uriel

For you that is living in fear, I have this to say. Put down your search for finding your life’s journey. 

You are well. The only thing that you are looking for, is the sum total of your life. In this regard, I send you a message.


The world is not responsible for the delay in responding to your Spiritual Guides. The intention of your choice to be happy with the help of your guides will get you started. 

You can become the new season of awakening, even though the outside world is not true. You can get an open invitation to create a truly unique gift for you to be whole.

If there are times when you are worried and lonely, I’m a warrior who will help you find happiness that you are looking up to receive. This changes the world of your choice, so that you can make it easy and simple. 

Just be the best of your own persona and the rest here are my power to make you aware of what you can do. 

We are here to help you find the perfect solution for your soul’s questions and most of all the time to do the work that you are here to finish. 

I have many more to offer you. Now I have just announced a choice. 
Who is Archangel Uriel??​

Falling vs Rising in Love

~ Musing with Ella ~The first meme had me pondering for a few days…..

Until I remember about the second one.

How could you not want to fall I love ??

Easy. Because I want to rise in love. 
Let us rather go sit under My Tree, in the garden today. ….

And dissect this meticulously…..
“I don’t want my happiness depends on whether a person gives me attention or not.”
♡ I know that happiness is a feeling that has to come from within.

♡ I know that happiness is not generated by something external. No “Piece of…..”, “Person like…..”, “Practice of…..”, “Possession of…..”, brings happiness.

Maybe a short lived feeling of joy or satisfaction. Yes. But longlasting happiness ?? No. 

♡ I rise in happiness. 

♡ I rise in the feeling of content and knowing.

Happiness is the result of knowing who you are, when you are stripped from all the fake clothing – whatever that may be – proud of your scars you earned in life; and wearing them with Grace and Gratetude.

They showed you the origin of Happiness.
“I don’t want to stay up late, wondering whether (s)he is thinking about me”

“I don’t want to stare at my phone screen, waiting for a text”
♡ Expecting someone to alter his/her whole life, making you the focus, intention and outcome of it, has great repercussions on both of your Paths in Life.

We are all walking our own paths back to the Source. Many paths cross, join in the same directionas ours. So do Lovers. This can be fleeting, longlasting, diverting away and then back, each and every time leaving its own unique footprint in our lifes. 
Some Lovers’ paths linger even longer. Now we see a little road. One that can accommodate a vehicle of some kind – but that is for later. We are Rising In Love now……

The essence of this is these are two different paths. They are just running together in the same direction. But still TWO DIFFERENT ROADS. Period. If they cross, the space between the narrows, or widens, Life’s Vechiles can’t use them anymore – but also for another time. But I am sure point taken ??
“I don’t want to cry over someone who may not care. ”
♡ I always thought that “to feel” is good ?? How else will we get to know ourselves, others; and the world around us ?? Our own unique reality ?? Yes. That is unique to you….. Only you really see the way you do. 

♡ I always thought tears are good…. 

Tears are God given. Yes they are. The response to intense FEEL.

Physical, emotional, negative, positive. So why not cry ??

♡ So this person does not care……

Is that really the Truth, or is this person’s road just different from yours; and the similarities you share not as many; and not as binding, as you thought/wanted/hoped it would be ?? (another writing brewing somewhere………)

Then wouldn’t it be selfish to cling and hang on, making it work ??

……. and extremely unfair to YOURSELF……….
“And most importantly, I dont want to give someone the power to destroy me.”

♡ Aaaaah yes. That ís one of the Powers of Love.


So what is good in that ??

Let me surprise you:

“Rock bottom is where I built my solid foundation” – unknown

As much pain and suffering it causes to feel; ás múch, multipiled by ten, you rise from it with knowledge, experience, New Found Truths and one step closer to your Authentic Self.

Within destruction is the Wonder of a New Birth. 

A new opportunity to grow.  

And yes the possibility of another destruction. 

But that is the Circle of Life.

That is how we spiral up to the Divine.

Our True Home
And that is how we rise in Love

Ever feeling the pain of Destruction

Ever building stronger again,

Until we Understand

Love only Live in Ourselves

What we shine out, is what reflects back
Much love, on the back of the wind,




“Compassion is a verb”

Not climbing on the roof today. Just having my say…

What does that mean ??

…. not something that comes naturally ??

…. not something that everybody has ??
 ▶ NOPE ◀

Today I read and realised:

♡Compassion is an art

It needs skill and constant cultivation with Love, Honour and Grace
Compassion is not worn on the outside. It doesn’t define your looks

▶ YEP ◀
♡ It is a deep rooted skill that takes years of *** FEEL ***




°LABELLING, name it.

♡It gets born out of: “I know how that feels. Let me see what I can do, to make it better for you.”
Today I learned that no amount of money;


snickering in the corner with whom you think your friends are, about others’ pain/problems/looks;

will ever give you a grain the size of a mustard seed’s worth of 
     ******* COMPASSION *******
I have seen people with nóthing, helping people with even less. Why?? Because they know the bitter taste of suffering. 

I have seen that Blessings can not be priced, bought or earned.


The True Blessings of life are God Given. 

Not Man Made.
And I have learned that if you have not experienced and realised thát yet, you will NEVER comprehend the SIMPLE meaning of 
     ******* COMPASSION *******

But then……. 

You will never be able to carry the colossal weight of its meaning. ….

Too simple
Love and Light


The Pot

♡♡♡ ~Midnight Musings~ ♡♡♡
Ever wondered:

“Why is life so hard on me ??”

“Why does God allow all these painful experiences in my life?” 

“Does He even hear my prayers, see my misery??”
Living Life leave marks on our souls. Sometimes it is a mark that does not serve us. 

Maybe we picked up something during our journey; and it doesn’t aid us in our Quest back to The Divine.  

It needs to be removed. 
Think about it this way:

We all have that favourite pot in the kitchen. We use it every day. Sometimes twice, for that matter. Then the rice burn. Now what ?? We need that pot !! 

We put some water in and soak it.

Hmmmmm…. didn’t work. The charred rice is stubborn…..

We get some detergent and a “scruffy” and start scrubbing this favourite pot of ours…..

Not enough effect.  

We yank the cupboard open, search for the mother-of-all-metal-scruffies made; and start SCRUBBING. 



That was it.  
Now the heavy artillery gets yanked out of the cupboard:

          °°°The Teaspoon. °°°

Diving into that pot and attack that burnt rice with such vengeance, it flies off. 

You are so happy. You buff that pot back to its Shiny Self and put it on the counter top. Right there. Easy to reach. Ready for another Masterchef Classic
You are God’s Favourite Pot. When life leaves unwanted stains on us, that does not serve in the Plan God has for us it needs to be removed. 

When we stubbornly cling on to these inperfections, God speaks a bit louder. 

If we still don’t pay attention, listen, let go, change direction, God uses tools to clean us up. And that ís going to hurt. But onced buffed, shining like only a Favourite Pot can, we stand on the counter top. In our full glory. Ready to serve our Creator with all we have.
Using a teaspoon to loosen stubborn char, sometimes leave a scratch or two on our pots. 

But we all know that it is exactly our scars that make us truly beautiful in this life.
I am Thankful for today. For everything that happens to me; and what I encounter; is an opportunity to Shine for, and Serve my Creator
Blessings and Love on the back of the wind. 



~ Reflections with Ella ~
Using the Soundboards of Reasoning, Dissecting, Examining and Concluding an age old concept, which definition I question….

°°°° RESPECT °°°°

What a concept !! And what a misunderstanding….
The idea that Respect is earned seems a phallacy. It suggests that you have to work for it, every day, without tiring. Then – when you stop for whatever your reason might be, you apparently FAILED.
I have some challenges with that….

Sitting on my favourite spot. The roof. The Universe above, the question below.

Consider this…..
MAYBE RESPECT IS A TWO-WAY STREET. And a busy one for that matter. Connecting two entities with each other. Creating an endless stream of Energy. This concludes in a Synchronicity and Understanding between them. And they rely on each other, In a more or lesser way, depending on this relationship, to be heard, understood and valued. Not only as a person, but as a source of knowledge, wisdom and insight.
Yes, we are constantly observing. Consciously or subconsciously. Making calculations, while sitting back, evaluating opinions, situations, emotions and reactions. Taking notes; and decide what is of relevance for us.


Let’s evaluate that…….

Respect is earned.

▶ I go out of my way to put your opinions above anything else. Whether I agree with it or not. Without questioning Truth, Reason or Practicality ?? (!!)
▶ I discard my own Values, Opinions, Truths and Experiences; and pick up yours, TO EARN YOUR RESPECT ?? (!!)
▶ I reject the Universal Truth that we are on Earth to learn and grow, which is my Birthright. Therefore I indirectly also withheld it from you ?? (!!)

These are not thoughts of Anger. I faced, fought and conquered that Demon.
This is realising that the more we cling to the old, the more rigid and frigid we get…..
Why can’t we take each other’s hands; and rather with child-like curiosity, ask “Why?” Or “Show me?”, rather than condemn ??

◀ Are you the only one with a Wealth of Knowledge ?? And other’s Experiences wrong ??
◀ Is another’s Wealth, trash in your eyes ?? Or does it scare you, because it doesn’t fit into your little box ??
◀ Is it impossible to Recognise; and even Celebrate Differences, without losing your Own Divine Identity ??
◀ Have you ever consider the fact, that Curiosity actually didn’t kill the cat ?? It opened doors of growth and potential; turning it into a Lion; and New Found Truths ?? (The saying now seems based on Fear – Another Demon….)


You don’t have to work for, or earn Respect.
It is a product of mutual understanding, after each shows his/her Soul. Exposing his/her Wealth and Wisdom. And BOTH taking the first step onto this Two-way Road.
♡ It opens doors
♡ It gives opportunity to New Connections and Co-operativeness
♡ New Tangible and Reachable Solutions to Age old Problems – yes. They are for a very long time not challenges anymore. ….


So let us start with ourselves; and break these outdated chains of thought.
Let us respect ‘Flow’ and make Divine connections.
Let us all realise that we ARE NOT the Picture. We are PART of the Picture. And to see the Whole Beautiful Puzzle, we need to connect.

♡ Stop trying to earn Respect. You are killing your Beautiful Soul.
♡ Live in such manner that you Glow with Light.
♡ Be the Beacon for Connection and let your Energy Flow….
♡ This is not a “Yes-Sir-No-Sir, How-high-Should-I-Jump, Sir”. This is NAMASTE. Or ” I See You”…

Maybe I am the Cackling Ole Hag in the attic, setting the curtains on Fire….
Hopefully the Curtains in front of your eyes.
And if you feel your blood starting fo bubble, or already boiling??

*** !!! GOOD !!! ***

With Love and Light,


I Am

FB_IMG_1493446134295So who are you ??
We all now answer “I am……..” followed by our name, sometimes the whole string of birth names some carry, our surnames, of which many of us went through more than one.
All of which we share with many others.

What do you do for a living??
Here we all answer with the name of our profession/job/role we fill in our lifes.
“I am……” a nurse or a lawyer, a banker, sales person,chef/cook

What if I tell you today, NO YOU ARE NOT !!

You are actually labelling yourself and putting balls and chains around your ankles, making each step that you take in life, an effort.
Let me explain……

You are:
That makes you a Daughter of a King. A Queen for that matter.
Wearing a crown.

What do you do:
♡ I love, care and serve my family with all my heart. With all that I can.
♡ I care for the sick/ I protect the innocent/ I create a clean safe environment for people/ I prepare food for customers to enjoy/ feed the hungry. And so forth….

Think about it.
This changes the picture a bit hey ??

Rather my name is……
I do….. for a living. For instance.

Plain day-to-day existing gets a new meaning……
Now I am worth something.
I can make a difference.

♡ Let us lift our heads, fix our Crowns.
♡ Take on our daily challenges and change it to opportunities for us to shine.

Blessings on the back of the wind

Much Love,

#divinefemine #selflove #motivation

Credit to the owner(s) of the meme found on Pinterest